WINNER. AIGA 50 BOOKS. TOP 50 COVERS OF 2019 – So excited to announce and humbled to have our book honored, we are winners, officially. Ha! There were so many tireless hours that went into this passion project for all the creatives involved from writing, imaging, design, production and the list goes on. To everyone involved, thank you for having me be such a huge part visually of this beauty, it was incredible to work with such an inspiring team. To the next one… ! See the full line up of all the other incredible books that were also honored … click link here.

Title: Alpine Cooking
Author/Editor: Meredith Erickson/Julie Bennett
Publisher: Ten Speed Press/Penguin Random House
Creative Director: Emma Campion
Book Designer: Betsy Stromberg
Jacket Designer: Betsy Stromberg
Illustrator: Samuel Bucheli
Photographer: Christina Holmes
Production Director: Jane Chinn
Production Artist: Mari Gill